good guidances!

Mr Toda stated: if u hav strong faith, even peopl who r not practicing wil come to ur aid. [As d lotus sutra states] ‘Although devil n devil peopl wil b der, dey wil al protect d law of d buddha’. Such r d workings of buddhism”. Its jus as it says in d lotus sutra- peopl wid strong faith can make evrythin in der envt function as an ally….
Mr Toda gave d following guidance: “First decide wat u will do n be determined to succeed widout fail. The outcome hinges on ur commitment. This is d philosophy for success”. Let’s all make a firm commitment to succeed, to b victorious n become happy!!.

Guidance to me 🙂

Ask for gohonzon dat if thts ur dream den u shud see path for it as in u shud see clarity on it n u shud get opportunities frm it…n u knw wat s u can do it…ur very young..u shud really study….u can work ur whole life…bt not study

determine to go no matter what and the universe will respond u’ll c


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