Overwhelmed with happiness

🙂 very much. Very happy deeply not laughing heads off happy but very fulfilled feeling 🙂


When disbelief

Even thought this week I haven’t got every single tinkle thing that i wanted I’ve got every single thing that I deeply wanted anyways, as needed and even for luxury. And I do feel like I’ve won and everything I wanted by today, I’ve got. not as I planned but everything I wanted in a happy way. And I’m very very happy and deeply fulfilled


1) good thing that car is here cos I can load everything here
2) 1 day after paying rent, ill be moving out it seems
3) no security
4) hall way chat and connected with s dd. the one person that I hadn’t talked to.
5) got her number
6) because of nov being here, travelodge was easy 🙂 had a beautiful time


Went to meeting. Highlight of the day
Feeling really refreshed!
While in meeting I chanted for each one of us in the room to feel refreshed.
Cos I has read sensei’s ichinen and how hard he worked and was determined everyone will go home refreshed after the meeting

D is doing such a great job