Not about turning every one Buddhist but actually practicing the teachings :)

it’s actually, that I’m so self conscious and low self esteem that when it manifests it kinda takes over little little normal things making it harder than it would for normal people or even for me when I’m on high life state or in simple terms happy, so the teachings is just he tool I’m using to overcome things, the normal solution might be to force myself to talk and stand there awkwardly hoping to connect with them at some point by magic however I think what I’m doing is or my plan is, to do jus that but backed with daimoku and all else so it comes out in best possible outcome leaving people encouraged that “she could do it?” Many ppl in Uni are sort of inspired that I’m living alone, can drive and all tht compared to how I was in 1st yr and they notice how much I’ve improved my grasping to lectures compared to 1st yrs, and they feel inspired to study more, take more action to improve their life and if they want to practice then even great! But sensei always says our point mustn’t be focused on turning ppl Buddhist, it shud be to spread the essence of teachings which is treasure human life, not to slander as if we do then law of cause and effect / karma means we’ll get that back at some point so why bother, that’s how we change up future, but making conscious choices to improve out lives. For e.g. Realising that going without food for fear or worry of wht to say or how to interact is totally not ok, and the determination to resolve it by target date by taking actions is so motivating!! and of course any one can take same actions like bein nice to people, making effort, and perhaps get the same results but I’ve noticed time and again before I practiced that no matter how hard I tried I always seemed to be “unfortunate” seemed like I ran out of luck in basic terms, cos even if I was telling he truth I wouldn’t be believed but another person lying blatantly and without genuine interest would be in favour instead :s and that has been a shift, anyways.. I’ve waffles haven’t I, give me 1 opportunity to talk about or discuss the doubts and I can go on forever 😎

Imagine the people’s reactions when I transform bit by bit every day from always in be shell to being strong and ready enough to fly to geneva for phd in topics of “improving nhs related also linked in somewhat United Nations” and being in front lines to improve our world for a better tomorrow 😊😊😊😊really excites me

Of course I praise the teaching so much because deep In my core I am so certain that it works and its true teAching for me, that is accessible to every single tinkle person not just the good people, not just the people who are always in need (mind u, this world is called Saha world in Buddhism, mening world of endurance. And every thin. CAn be. Challenge and a problem but If ur happy then even cancer or financial ruins wil be an invitations to make our lives bigger, a fuel to unleash greater happiness that we get by overcoming problems and encouraging everyone along the way), even tho at times I may not be able to fully express why the mystic law works and I may not be able to convince others, I know that I will always practice till I die and beyond :)) how amazing g that I wil always have the practice to transform anything!!!! Of course some things take yrs to transform but the strength to persevere might be lost for me personally if I wasnt in sgi or didn’t had tht continual day to day effort, and the fact it’s the teachings that we are pursuing and not the label of branding everyone Buddhist is something that has taken me long time to learn. I reckon almost 2 yrs to learn. And I’m glad in finally understanding maybe 10%of my sensei’s vision who works tirelessly for me every day in and day out :)) it’s us who must carry these teachings forward. There is the dancer of it being mislead like the nichiren soshu priesthood has been mislead but as long as I practice strongly I know that I will be protected and soon enough I will be on the right track πŸ™‚ thought U’d like a piece of my mind during midnight teehee


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