Victory :D

Victory guys! Yesterday I was encouraging my aunt a lot cos she has lot of worries and i chanted that because I’m encouraging her and I spoke of Buddhism a lot and she was soooo inspired and she did Sansho and I didn’t force her like I forced chand. and I chanted that because I’m making this cause the effect that I want for myself is I want to realise y kosen rufu mission to fulfil my mission as bodhisattva of the earth and I’ve been interested in United Nations on off for a yr and this aunty’s sister is apparently in United Nations and used to be a nurse for a yr! So similar! I felt so hopeful and interested 😀


The benefit

Sometime the joy is so much that I go crazy!
Wanted a double rate. It had stopped but it allll worked out perfectly. I got exactly what I wanted!! and phones wasnt connecting a yesterday but that time there wasnt what I wanted but anyways! So happy

When disbelief

Even thought this week I haven’t got every single tinkle thing that i wanted I’ve got every single thing that I deeply wanted anyways, as needed and even for luxury. And I do feel like I’ve won and everything I wanted by today, I’ve got. not as I planned but everything I wanted in a happy way. And I’m very very happy and deeply fulfilled